Lash Lift

What is a Lash Lift?

 A lash lift is a ultra-hydrating keratin perm treatment where the natural lashes are curled and lifted, making lashes appear longer and eyes more open.

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Your technician will begin by using medical-grade glue to affix a silicone rod on your eyelid. Then, they will glue the tips of your lashes to the rod to create the shape for the curl, followed by a layer of the lifting serum to secure the shape. We use a brand called Elleebana, which uses gentle ingredients. The harshest ingredient is alcohol, which is in the lifting solution, but we follow it with the setting solution, and that is rich in hydrating ingredients like aloe and glycerin. The lifting serum is wiped off after about 8 to 10 minutes, and is followed with the setting solution, which sits for 4 to 8 minutes. We recommends getting a tint along with the treatment, and if you decide to do that, the additional step will take roughly 10 more minutes. After that, the formula is wiped off, your lashes come un-glued, and you can get on with your life.

​How is it done?

24 hours after: 
No heat or steam (including cooking over a steamy stovetop)
No saunas
No water
No  oils, lotions, creams, makeup remover etc.

Lashes are still malleable (able to move) after the procedure. 
Try to sleep on your back to prevent movement during sleep.

Avoid rubbing or touching too frequently.
Use a hydrating product such as castor oil on lashes daily to keep the lashes in good health.

What is the aftercare?

Lash Lift : $100
Lash Lift + Tint : $115

How much does it cost?

​How long does it take?

​How long does it last?

Consult your expert first—if your lashes are naturally super-short, you may not be the best candidate for the treatment. 

Your lash lift results will last 6-8 weeks.
Your lashes have a natural growth cycle of about 6-8 weeks, during his time frame, you'll start to notice the curled pieces disappearing, as the new lash growth starts to replace the curled lashes.. 

1  hour