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Before you book.. It is your responsibility to know all information regarding your desired appointment! Please be sure to read the treatment information entirely as some services have strict contraindications, prep, and aftercare instructions that must be followed. 

Cancellation Policy!

We want to take a moment to inform you about an important aspect of our appointment booking process.

When you make an appointment with us, you are automatically agreeing to our policies. These policies are designed to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone. They cover various aspects such as cancellations, fees, and any specific requirements related to our services.

We have a very strict cancellation & no show policy!
Clients are granted the flexibility to cancel or reschedule their appointment up to 24 hours before the scheduled time without incurring any charges. However, in the event that a client chooses to reschedule after the 24-hour grace period or fails to show up for the appointment, a cancellation fee equivalent to half the price of the intended service will be charged to the card on file. This policy ensures that our business can effectively manage its schedule and allocate resources accordingly, while also allowing clients to make necessary adjustments to their appointments with reasonable notice.

I understand if I am more than 10 minutes late to my appointment I may or may not be seen due to the providers schedule and other client appointment times.

Clients who arrive more than 10 minutes late for their scheduled appointment will incur a late fee of $20. In the event that you are more than 10 minutes late and your technician does not have enough time to properly preform the scheduled service, then you will be marked as a no show and charged as a no-show fee of half of the service price.

If you have any questions or concerns about our policies, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We are here to assist you and provide clarification on any inquiries you may have.

Thank you for choosing us, and we look forward to serving you.